Detection and management of central sleep apnea

Detection and management of central sleep apnea

Central sleep apnea is a state where there are sudden respiratory arrests that are noted to be repeated during sleep duration. If someone sleeps next to you like a husband or family member, they will notice if you experience this type of condition. They will be worried about breathing while you sleep. That is why someone gets your attention and tells you that you sleep in this way, learn better about it and take care of what you can do to solve it.

The main cause of this sleep problem is in the brain, especially the brain stem. The central body of the body that is the brain does not send proper signals to your breathing spirals. People who are very vulnerable to central sleep apnea are those with heart problems, stroke and brain tumors that are associated with impaired brain ability to send signals. Males are more likely to develop this type of problem than women and those who take opioids are at high risk.

You may need sleep apnea support when you experience symptoms like abnormal breathing patterns during sleep and when you suddenly wake up at night due to this interruption. You may have a problem to go back and sleep again, and the duck is only relieved when you try to sit on your bed. Due to lack of sleep at night, you will usually do it during the day and it may affect your work and activities you do during the day.

The first type of apnea masks is the nasalapne breath mask; This is usually prescribed for most patients who just start their CPAP treatment. This mask when worn by a person covers the entire nose and is always fastened by an elastic band for the head.

In relation to this type of mask, the handkerchief mask is very similar to the aforementioned. The only difference in this mask is that it has a nose pad that covers the nostrils of the person using it. Together with this, it does not seal the area around the nose, but it seals the nose itself; Although it may seem uncomfortable to wear, many people actually confirm that this feels much better compared to the first type of nasal mask.

The third variation of apnea masks is the complete face mask; This is also considered to be one of the most popular among all types of apnea masks. While this mask is also certain of the elastic attached to it, the difference is that it covers both mouth and nose. This mask is what the doctor recommends for people who usually breathe through the mouth and those who currently have trouble breathing because of a clogged nasal passage.

When you experience this type of problem while you sleep, you must immediately contact your doctor, a number of questions will be asked and you will undergo different tests to correctly diagnose central sleep apnea. Through your consultation with a doctor, you will also be able to ask some of your problems and let your partner or someone who has noticed the symptoms go with you. This also helps the doctor to give you the right medicine and treatment to prevent any complications.

CPAP machines for sleep apnea are used as one of the treatment for this sleeping problem. CPAP means continuous positive airway pressure where you will wear a mask that is connected to the machine that will deliver compressed air, thereby controlling your breathing while you sleep. You will be properly instructed on how to use it. It can be uncomfortable when you sleep, but you will be used to it on time. But if it interferes with your sleep, talk to your doctor and adjustments can be made like putting a pillow to give you comfort.

This sleep problem may threaten your life if you do not immediately seek medical attention as soon as you notice the symptoms. It is better that you ask the doctor's advice so that your sleeping pattern will not interfere and the cord can be done immediately.

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